Word Frames for Helping Learn Vocabulary

Word Frames for Helping Learn Vocabulary

These word frames for helping learn vocabulary are great tools for teachers or parents to help children who struggle to learn vocabulary. See my blog post Why Some Children Struggle With Vocabulary, And How To Help Them In The Classroom. Laminate the frames and put them on the wall or whiteboard and use when an opportunity arises. For example, if you are talking about the Romans, ask the class to think of three verbs we could use with the word ‘gladiator’ (to train, to fight, to win, to loose, to watch gladiators, to enrol to be a gladiator, etc.) This will help children make links between words, reinforce the meaning and make the word they are learning more memorable.

Click on the images below to download PDF versions:

Verb Frame

Word Frames for learning vocabulary - verbs







Adjective Frame

Word frames for learning vocabulary - Adjective Frame


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