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I am a qualified Elklan Trainer and can offer training courses on:drawing of c sound resources

  • Speech and Language Therapy Support for children aged 5 – 11
  • Speech and Language Therapy Support for Secondary aged children
  • Speech and Language Therapy Support for Verbal Children with ASD
  • Speech and Language Therapy Support for children with Severe Learning Difficulties
  • Supporting Children with unclear speech

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Training Staff to Achieve Communication Champion Status

I have experience of training school staff to achieve Communication Champion Status over the course of a year-long programme. I worked with staff from Little Ridge Language Unit (East Sussex). We carried out an audit with school staff to identify areas of speech, language and communication support that they felt confident about and areas that they felt they needed support to develop. We then planned regular twilight training sessions based on the areas they had requested help with. At the end of the sessions, we carried out whole school observations to assess changes made to practise. The school develop excellent wave one teaching skills in every class.

I am happy to provide training on any area requested by schools. This can be carried out as Twilight training or on INSET days. My training is very practical with lots of opportunities to carry out activities and ideas and to discuss their application.

If you are interested in any of the services I provide to schools, please call me on 07986 310971 to chat about how about I can help, or email me via the contact form.

Bespoke Speech & Language Therapy Training For Schools

I provide training for teachers, teaching support staff and SENCos. The course outlines below give an idea of the content, but sessions are tailored to suit the specific needs of your school, federation,or cluster. Times can be arranged to suit you, either during or after school hours, on Inset days, or split over consecutive days/ weeks.

Drop in Clinics

Do you have children in your class with speech, language and communication difficulties? This is an informal session where you can raise and discuss any questions, for example:

  • How do I identify children with communication problems?
  • A child in my class has behavioural problems – could these stem from unidentified communication difficulties?
  • How do I implement EHCPs and goals set by a speech and language therapist?
  • How do I integrate these goals into the wider school environment?
  • What strategies and resources are available for me to use, and how can I measure outcomes?

Integrating Speech & Language Therapy Resources into Classroom Practice

This session comprises specific topics as opposed to being Q&A session and focuses on:

  • Identifying key areas of speech, language and communication difficulties and their impact on learning
  • Strategies, ideas and resources to support these difficulties in the classroom
  • How to use strategies, ideas and resources flexibly, e.g. in the classroom, in group situations and in one-to-one settings.

This is a very practical course, with an emphasis on enabling course attendees. I will show video clips of strategies and activities in use, and demonstrate different resources. Attendees will then have the opportunity to try them out the resources themselves.

A Whole Class Strategy To Reduce Conflict and Meltdowns

The 5 Point Scale is a fantastic resource designed by Kari Dunn Buron to raise awareness of how we feel and when we are getting angry. It helps children to create and implement strategies to stay calm and it teaches them how to regulate their emotions. In this session, I will show staff how to apply the 5 Pojnt Scale in the classroom as a whole class tool. Staff will come away from this session with practical strategies to reduce conflict in the classroom, and feel confident in managing emotions in a group setting.

Attendees will be encouraged to share their classroom experience so that I can help you adapt and apply the strategy to specific real-life classroom scenarios. This is an interactive and very practical session.

How To Support the Development of Phonological Awareness

This session focuses on how to provide flexible support for children learning in the classroom, in groups, or in one-to-one settings, and includes:

  • The difference between phonological awareness skills and phonics
  • The impact that difficulties with phonological awareness skills can have on learning
  • Strategies, ideas, activities and resources to use in different learning settings to provide support.

This is a practical session with plenty of opportunity to try out resources and ask lots of questions about specific concerns.

Why Choose Me For Training?

I am a qualified speech and language therapist working in both private and NHS sectors, experienced in delivering the following training to schools:

  • NHS training packages for vocabulary and speech sounds
  • Working with schools to achieve communication champion status
  • Designing and delivering bespoke training to both primary and secondary schools on using the 5 Point Scale in the classroom
  • Supporting children with high levels of anxiety in the classroom
  • Trained and licensed to deliver Elkan training programmes
  • Training Speech & Language Therapy Postgraduate students

My sessions are always practical, with lots of opportunities to try out resources, activities and ideas and discuss how to apply them practically in your setting.

Testimonials From Schools

You can see all the testimonials from schools and parents on the Testimonials page, but here is a sselection

From St Leonards Academy (secondary school), East Sussex:

This feedback is from several teaching assistants who attended a training session I ran on ‘Supporting Children On The Autism Spectrum and Children with Speech, Language and Communication Difficulties’

“I really enjoyed the session, it was very helpful. All of the ideas are useful and will be used! Discussion with others was helpful as it helps us modify the resources to suit our own students.”

“The session was very interesting. I found it helpful and all the ideas were useful. It was clear and easy to follow and it was good to have the opportunity to put into practice what we use in the classroom.”

Testimonials from Battle and Langton Primary School, East Sussex

“The training was very useful. One of the best, if not the best inset.”

“The training was easy to follow, and the resources and suggestions were accessible.”

“I found the training very useful. It has made me think more about the children in my class with language issues”

Testimonials from Rye Primary School, East Sussex

“Lucy has worked as the assigned Speech and Language Therapist at our school for the past 12 months. In that relatively short time she has had an enormously positive influence on the assessment, awareness and support for children with speech and language difficulties. Her refreshing ‘hands on’ style has won Lucy the respect of both teaching and support staff at Rye.”

– Margaret Stonham, Inclusion Leader, Rye Primary School

If you would like to discuss bespoke training for your school, please do get in touch for an initial chat to see how I can help.

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