Feedback on my presentation on Girls and ASC for the Education and Health Consortium, Brighton

Excellent training, thank you. Practical, informative, and interesting training session with lots of information with regard to ASC and girls. The training was balanced with lots of opportunities to listen, discuss and carry out some practical activities. We found it particularly useful as you were able to relate in terms of being a therapist and also as being a parent. We have come back to school with ideas how we can support girls on our caseload with ASC

Testimonial from Claire, a parent

Sarah and Lucy have worked with my 6 year old son and have helped him progress tremendously in this time. Not only has his speech improved but his confidence as well. Targets are achievable and he can see the progress he is making too. We cannot recommend them highly enough.

Testimonial from Carol Whitman, Early Years Senco at Rosehill School, Tunbridge Wells

I have worked with Lucy for over 5 years, in a co-ordinated response to specific requests from parents to assist their children with their speech and language development. Lucy’s enthusiasm and happy demeanour are infectious; the children were always so happy to see her even if she wasn’t directly working with them. The tasks she set were both stimulating and fun and the children reacted positively, expressing their obvious delight and satisfaction at completing them. ” I love doing my words and drills,” was often heard.

First hand I have seen the profoundly positive impact that Lucy has achieved with so many children dealing with these challenges, and I too have learned so much from working with her. I would highly recommend her.

Testimonial from a parent in Ticehurst, East Sussex

Sarah has now been diagnosed with ASD, which would have been further down the road if it was not for your report, so thank you so much for saving us so much time. Now she can get the help she needs, hopefully.

Testimonial from nursery staff in and around Peacehaven, East Sussex

The following feedback comes from nursery staff at Telescombe Cliffs Nursery, Butterfly Nursery, Denton Island Nursery, Rainbow Childcare, Peacehaven Children’s Centre, Noah’s Ark Nursery, and Peacehaven Heights, following training I provided on supporting children with speech, language and communication difficulties:

Absolutely fantastic course. Really easy to follow. Fun. Informative. I’ve taken lots away
It’s been wonderful learning with you. I feel so much more confident, than I did before. By far the best training sessions. Brilliant activities, theory and so accessible
Great course! We really enjoyed all the different activities you shared with us. We will be taking this into our practise. You really made the course very interesting. Thank you very much!
Really enjoyed course and found it really helpful. Have already used some of the games and the strategies. Thank you

Testimonial from a parent in Bexleyheath, Kent

Lucy is an enthusiastic, energetic and hands-on speech therapist. From the very first session Lucy was happy to get down on the floor and find our young son’s motivations, playing in a way that really engaged him. Lucy has wonderful ideas that really captured our son’s interest. This improved his attention span and level of engagement greatly and we saw his confidence increase with each session. She is clearly passionate about her work and has shown us so many things we can do ourselves to make speech therapy part of our daily lives. We are delighted with the progress our son has made and would highly recommend Lucy.

Testimonial from a parent in Sevenoaks, Kent

Lucy has assessed our son as part of the Educational and Health Care Plan assessment. Our son lives with Asperger Syndrome and is very verbal, and although we suspected that he might have some language processing issues, we were not sure what they may be. Lucy has identified many areas where our son has difficulties, such as understanding the language or the difficulty with higher level thinking skills. Lucy carried out the assessment in a very professional way, paying attention to the smallest details and looking at the child in a holistic way. She very accurately identified our son’s social and communicational difficulties and recommended detailed actions for the school. Throughout the assessment she was attentive and supportive both to us and the school staff and got on really well with our son. I would highly recommend her to anybody who needs expert advice, but also a friendly and devoted voice

Testimonial from a parent in Sevenoaks, Kent

Thanks for all these long hours of work over evenings and weekends, and for your dedication and consultations with me – I appreciated our discussions very much. It was such a pleasure to ‘work’ with you, I learned a lot about my son and his difficulties from your report and it will help me to help him as much as I can

Testimonials from St Leonards Academy (secondary school), East Sussex

This feedback is from several teaching assistants who attended a training session I ran on Supporting children on the autism spectrum and children with speech, language and communication difficulties in the classroom, to reduce anxiety and help them to feel success.

I enjoyed the session very much! It was very helpful. I loved the colour coded schemes for questions, and I liked the ‘first, next, then’ template. It was clear and easy to follow and it was great to touch on lots of elements.
I really enjoyed the session, it was hugely helpful. The grids about “What I already know,” etc. will be good for starting written work and colourful semantics – most ideas will be useful in fact!
I really enjoyed the session, it was very helpful. All of the ideas are useful and will be used! Discussion with others was helpful as it helps us modify the resources to suit our own students.
The session was very interesting. I found it helpful and all the ideas were useful. It was clear and easy to follow and it was good to have the opportunity to put into practice what we use in the classroom.

Testimonial from Alice Heather-Hayes, parent in Kent

With the speech and language therapy support we received from Lucy, we reached our goals far quicker than expected. With Lucy’s help Ottilie’s progress far exceeded our expectations. The main benefits were the support, goal setting, following a program, and knowing that there was someone there to help and guide us all the way through the process. Lucy’s enthusiasm, knowledge, utter dedication and her incredible creativity made every session fun. I wouldn’t change anything about the sessions! And I would not hesitate to recommend Lucy.

Testimonial from Natasha Mills, parent

Lucy was able to identify a number of different areas which my son found difficult. She was then able to work on these, and she also showed me and his school staff some activities to practise with him. My son really enjoyed the sessions with Lucy. She made the sessions fun and he looked forward to each one with excitement. Lucy has helped us in a number of ways and we always know she is there to help and support us, which we really appreciate. Natasha Mills, Parent in Hailsham.

Email from a parent in Hastings

Dear Lucy, thanks for today, we feel that Andrew (name has been changed) is moving forward step by step, we are so pleased with the techniques and ideas you have given us. Loving all the apps and looking forward to some F and S drills, P’s and T’s are really starting to take shape, it’s amazing!

Testimonial from Alison Rowse, parent

My son has made huge progress in his use of consonants at the beginning of words. I can understand him more clearly now. Lucy has shown me how to make speech and language activities fun through play and she has given me lots of ideas. I would recommend Lucy because she managed to get my son excited to talk in sessions. She was able to connect with him at his level and gave him great encouragement. He is much more confident to talk now. Lucy is obviously very passionate about her job.”

Email from Andy Cornwall, uncle

I just want to thank you for finding time to see my niece Sophie, and also to say how enthusiastic my sister and mother were about you and your one-to-one sessions with Sophie. I genuinely haven’t heard my sister enthuse quite as much and I think the penny has dropped with her as to the importance of one-to-one speech and language therapy, especially at this important developmental stage. I hear Sophie was completely focused and very much enjoyed the session. Thanks again, Andy

Testimonials from Battle and Langton Primary School, East Sussex

“The training was very useful. One of the best, if not the best inset.”
“The training was easy to follow, and the resources and suggestions were accessible.”
“I found the training very useful. It has made me think more about the children in my class with language issues”

Testimonials from Rye Primary School, East Sussex

“Lucy has worked as the assigned Speech and Language Therapist at our school for the past 12 months. In that relatively short time she has had an enormously positive influence on the assessment, awareness and support for children with speech and language difficulties. Her refreshing ‘hands on’ style has won Lucy the respect of both teaching and support staff at Rye.”

– Margaret Stonham, Inclusion Leader, Rye Primary School

Testimonials from Claverham Community College, East Sussex

“The class love your lessons. Thank you so much for all your encouragement, advice, ideas, inspiration.”

–  Teacher of class  TG7, Claverham Community College

Feedback from the Special Interest Group for speech disorders at The Nuffield Hospital

I presented a talk to about 30 speech therapists at the Nuffield hospital. Here are some extracts from the written feedback I received:

“Lovely literacy links. Lovely early sequences. Lovely resources for input and output”
“Easy to give parents for practice”
“Fantastic! Very motivating and user friendly”

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