Public Speaking

Public Speaking

As well as being a highly specialist speech and language therapist, with a clinical specialism in Autism Spectrum, I am a regular speaker at conferences and events.

My child has a diagnosis of Autism and four co-morbid mental health difficulties. This has been life changing for me as I see the services from the inside and the outside. I have been fighting and campaigning for appropriate and effective support for the last ten years. I hear stories like my own on a regular basis. I see young people when I work at CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) who have developed depression, who want to end their lives, and for whom help comes too little too late in many cases. I believe if the help was available for young people much earlier in their lives, we could reduce the rate of mental health difficulties that we are currently seeing. Cuts to health and education make this harder and harder.

I have just completed the first year of a Masters in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy at the Anna Freud Centre and University College, London. I am extremely interested in the interface between mental health and autism.

I started speaking publicly at events because I didn’t like what I saw around me as a parent and as a professional and I wanted to have a voice, to join others in speaking out against current thinking and provision.

Public Speaking Engagements  

The National Autistic Society Professionals Conference, March 2017

It was a huge privilege to talk about ‘Autism and Self-Injurious Behaviour’ for the National Autistic Society in Harrogate. You can view an article I wrote on this subject and an interview I did with the NAS via the links below.

Sussex Speech & Language Therapy Consortium, March 2017

I spoke to an audience of speech and language therapists and educational staff on ‘Girls and Autism: A professional and a personal perspective.’ Being a parent and a professional gives me a unique perspective and experiences of services from both inside and out

Education and Health Consortium, Carden School, Brighton, March 2016

I received the following feedback from this training talk I gave:

“Excellent training, thank you. Practical, informative, and interesting training session with lots of information with regard to ASC and girls. The training was balanced with lots of opportunities to listen, discuss and carry out some practical activities. We found it particularly useful as you were able to relate in terms of being a therapist and also as being a parent. We have come back to school with ideas how we can support girls on our caseload with ASC.”

The ASD Special interest Group, London, April, 2017

I delivered the same talk ‘Girls and Autism: A professional and a personal perspective’ to a speech and language therapy special interest group in London.

The National Autistic Society Autism and Mental Health Conference, May 2017

I had the pleasure of speaking again for NAS, this time on ‘Autism and Mental Health: The interface,’ which I have a particular interest in. The following feedback is from an attendee at the conference who has autism, Paula Sanchez, from her blog at autistic

“I would like to thank Lucy Sanctuary for her fantastic talk about the benefits of speech and language therapy for mental health difficulties. Thanks also to her daughter who spoke to us via a film clip.”


Forthcoming talks

I am speaking for the Kent Autistic Trust at the Women and Autism Conference, September 2017.

I will be addressing the students of City University’s Postgraduate Course in Speech and Language Therapy, date tbc.

I have been asked to talk about autism and speech sound difficulties by a speech and language therapy special interest group in London, date tbc.

I am speaking for the National Autistic Society with a specialist teacher, talking about an approach we have been using to develop social understanding and communication, date tbc.

How To Book Me for Public Speaking and Media Interviews

If you would like to book me to speak at conferences and events, or if you would like to use my talks or articles in media interviews, articles or programmes, please contact me at:

In addition to the topics above, I am happy to talk about any aspects of autism and associated conditions, approaches and strategies to support children, young people and families, and service delivery – I am completely flexible as I am interested in all aspects of autism spectrum.

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