Resource Books for Generalising Speech Sounds

Coming Soon: Playing Games with k, Playing Games with f, Playing Games with s – Resource Books for Generalising Speech Sounds

Transferring Speech Sounds to Everyday Talking

Speech therapy resources - the Coin family illustrationFurther to my resource books Playing with k, Playing with p and Playing with s,I have got three new books coming out this year with STASS. The earlier books were created to help children learn to say specific speech sounds. These latest three books have been written for families, schools and Speech and Language Therapists to help children transfer work they have been doing on speech sounds to their every day talking. This is the icing on the speech sound cake!

Hierarchy of Speech Sound Work

There is a hierarchy that we follow in speech sound work. We help children to say the speech sound, e.g. ‘s,’ then, to say it in short words, e.g. ‘ice, sea.’ Then, in longer words, e.g. ‘nurse, sock, message, Saturday.’ Then, in phrases, e.g. ‘a smelly sock.’ Then, in sentences, e.g. ‘I like strawberry ice cream,’ and finally, in their every day talking.

Using Familiar Games

It can take a long time to generalise work that we have done in one-to-one or group settings to a child’s talking in all situations, and it can be hard as it requires the child to notice when they make an error, e.g. when they say ‘dock’ instead of ‘sock,’ and to correct the mistake. These new resources contain familiar games, e.g. Happy Families, Guess Who?, The Shopping Game, Noughts and Crosses. The fact that the games are well known means that:

  • They are easy to use
  • They are easy to play in any setting, e.g. at home, in the classroom
  • The games can easily be played with family and friends, and they are an inclusive tool.

Each book focuses on spreading one speech sound across a child’s talking, e.g. in Playing Games with f each game contains lots of words with ‘f’, such as The Elf Family, The Feast Family, The Fabulous Family. This means that the child has multiple opportunities to hear accurate models of the speech sound in words and to say the words.

The feedback from children and adults has been good. The games are fun and can be played again and again, as you would play any game.

The books will be available to buy later this year so watch this space!

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