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Playing Games With 'S' speech therapy resource

Playing Games With ‘S’

Playing Games With ‘S’ Buy Playing Games With ‘S’ here Fed up with old ‘S’ pictures? Playing Games With ‘S’ is packed full of new pictures and different games for new inspiration for saying ‘S.’ A resource book for parents or teachers, Playing Games With ‘S’ is ideal for using with individual children or with small groups, […]

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image of Playing with K book

Playing with K

Playing with k This diverse and practical resource presents activities, games and ideas to support children who have speech sound difficulties between the age of 3 – to 7 (older if used with children with a learning difficulty), eg developmental delay, disordered speech sounds, developmental apraxia of speech. The book is divided into seven sections: […]

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Playing wIth S Speech Therapy Resource

Playing With S

Playing With S A resource book for Nursery Practitioners, Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Carers, Speech and language Therapists and Speech and Language Therapy Assistants to use in order to help children to say S in their talking. Playing With S contains activities, games and ideas to use with children aged from 3 – 7 years old. It can […]

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Playing with P speech therapy resource

Playing With P

Playing with P This comprehensive resource presents activities, games and ideas to support the development of speech sounds in children aged 3-7 (or older if the child has learning difficulties). The book is divided into five sections: •Single sounds – p •Short words -consonant + vowel, e.g., pea, pear, pie •Longer words – consonant + […]

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