Apps for Speech Therapy

Apps For Speech Therapy

Farm Academy

Farm Academy App imageAges: 18 months – 3 years old – but I use it with older children, too.

What does it do? It teaches children vocabulary related to the farm, e.g. animals, fruit and vegetables, size and concepts, and it develops their ability to follow instructions, e.g. “Show me the pig” “Give a carrot to the cow.”

It has lovely graphics, and the animals make noises, which children always enjoy.

ABA find it

Ages: 4+

What does it do? It is designed for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder but can be used with children who have difficulties with attention and listening, understanding language and following directions. There are different categories you can work on, e.g. transport, zoo animals, farm animals, fruit, vegetables. Children see photos of members of the category they have chosen and follow directions to help them learn the items, e.g. “Find the plane” “Point to the helicopter” “Show me the rocket” “Where’s the plane?”

The app has an elephant on each page who claps and dances when the child touches the correct picture.

iLearn with Boing – Language

Ages: Preschool

What does it do? I have only used this app to work on following instructions, but you can work on vocabulary and sentence formation, too. There are three different levels (2 – 5 multi step directions), that get progressively more difficult.  The instructions contain concepts, e.g. in front of, behind, next to, to the right, to the left.

Children like the graphics and when they finish instructions, the fish dance or play the guitar, so do something funny.

Mr Potato Head (see blog post for more information)

Ages: 0 – 5, but older children love this!! I have used it with 7 year olds.

What does it do? I use this for the following:

  1. Using Mr Potato Head in Speech TherapyFollowing instructions, e.g. one step instruction, “Hat on” two step, “Put the hat and the nose on” etc.
  2. Following instructions with concepts of sequence, e.g “First put the hat on and then put the nose on” “After you put the hat on, put the nose on”
  3. Vocabulary – parts of the body
  4. Turn taking. I give an instruction, then the child gives an instruction
  5. A reward. The child completes a task and then he puts a piece of Mr Potato Head

Draw with Stars!

Ages: pre-school up to 7(ish)

What does it do? This is a beautiful app that I use for two purposes. 1. As a reward. After the child has completed a task, they can make a pattern with the stars or write their name. It is a really magical, calming app, so it makes a lovely reward. 2. I use it in speech sound work, e.g. say the sound and write it in stars.

The stars are beautiful and it has lovely tinkley music!


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