Another Great Review from Speechblog UK

Playing Games With 'S' speech therapy resourceIn 2014, Speechblog UK gave a wonderful review of my speech therapy resource books, which you can read here. Last month (March 2016), Helen and Elizabeth at Speechblog also reviewed my ‘Playing Games with S’ book. I’ve included an extract from the review below, but you can read it in full here. If you would like to purchase ‘Playing Games with S’ or any of my other resource books, follow the links on the Shop page.

“Lucy gives a beautifully clear explanation of what the resource is and which children it has been developed for.  This is for generalisation of the ‘s’ sound and for older children (5-10 year olds).  She also clearly explains who can use the resource and how, as well as a description of how we produce the ‘s’ sound.  This makes the resource accessible to not just SLT’s but also schools and parents.  There are some lovely pages here that you could hand out to schools alongside the games to explain how to help the child.”

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