5 reasons why I love being a Speech and Language Therapist

1.   No two days are ever the same because every child is different.

How To Interpret a Speech and Language Therapy ReportSpeech and Language Therapists work with a HUGE range of different Speech, Language and Communication difficulties from stammering to autism and we work with a wide range of different people and professionals. I have never had a day when I have not wanted to go to work.

2.   I get to work with and learn from amazing families and professionals

e.g. parents, teachers, occupational therapists. I learn something new every day. The latest piece of information that I learned is that many children who are on the autistic spectrum do not have difficulty co -ordinating movements for speech and their first word is often long and complicated, e.g. “Lightning McQueen,” rather than short and made up of early developing speech sounds, e.g. “Mama.”

3.   I meet fantastic children

and it is a wonderful feeling to help them and their families. It is an incredible feeling when a child, who has not been able to say a speech sound in their talking begins to say the sound in words. It is an even more incredible feeling when school and parents tell you that they heard the child use the speech sound correctly in words without any prompting! It is wonderful to work with parents to help develop a child’s early communication skills, e.g. attention and listening, turn taking, requesting objects and actions, etc. and see these skills blossom. When you see a child talk for the very first time, or follow a simple instruction, or engage with a parent and laugh and laugh at the game they are playing, it is a moment you do not forget.

4.   It is a very creative job

and I have the opportunity to use and develop imaginative resources and strategies, which is fun.

5.   I laugh a lot

My job puts a smile on my face everyday, especially when I have the opportunity to dress up and wear a fake moustache with children I am working with! There is nothing like hearing the belly laugh of a child who is non verbal and can only vocalise to communicate, and sharing the joke.

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